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A street boy, Nandu, is raised by a gangster to be a hitman. Nandu, in connection with Malli’s pal. Politician Baaji Reddy hires Nandu to shoot Siva Reddy and damage him to show it off in the upcoming elections as a failed assassination attempt to win sympathy. As Nandu is about to fire, Siva Reddy is killed by someone else and Malli is assumed to be dead in a road accident. Nandu runs away from the police, shocked and confused, and gets on a train. He gets to know his fellow traveler, Parthu, and discovers that after running away in infancy, he is returning home. In the police shootout at the next stop, Parthu dies and Nandu decides to tell his family about it. But they regard him as Parthu and shower love as he visits their house. Unable to spoil their happiness, Nandu takes on Parthu’s persona and remains in the village. Meanwhile, Anjaneya Prasad, the CBI director, is investigating the murder case. Nandu has to prove his innocence, figure out who plotted against him and face the family’s wrath.

Release Date10 August 2005 
Running time172minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Athadu (2005) Subtitles