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Shankar Narayana, an honest politician, is facing a near-fatal crash. A few years later, Shankar’s son, Ajay, grew up and became a police officer. Ajay’s quest to bring down the narcotics and gun trade brought him to Istanbul. It was while there that he met fashion student Prashanthi for the first time. With her, Ajay is smitten. Eventually, back in India, Shankar wakes up from a long coma. To protect his still-fragile father from any tension or shock, Ajay builds an elaborate home-life charade. While out on the streets, it’s time to hunt down Don Nayak and his criminal associates, who all those years ago tried to kill his father.

Release Date23 September 2011 
Running time175minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Dookudu (2011) Subtitles