Dexter Season 4 (2009) English subtitles download

Dexter has married Rita and settled down to domestic actuality with her two formative times and their new child Harrison. Dexter continues to act on the appetite to kill, also again the strain of his double actuality influences every his job at Miami Metro Police and his home life. Rita will crop as upset that Dexter appears to be mendacity to her, together with retaining his nonfictional shorefront condo the place he has squirreled his blood drop glories, and their marriage goes by using way of disquieting times. As the police take a look at out a series of small-time crimes and killings in the so-called “Holiday Murders” with the help of investigative intelligencer Christine Hill, retired FBI Special Agent Frank Lundy returns to Miami;

Release Date27 September 2009
Running time1h
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Dexter Season 4 (2009) Subtitles