Dexter Season 8 (2013) Tv series – English subtitles download

Six months after Maria LaGuerta’s death. Dexter has no regrets as her loss of life solved his problems. He feels an experience of accomplishment as he has coached Harrison’s soccer group to the championship and helped his bowling crew get lower back together. However, Debra is guilt-ridden. She stops her job as Lieutenant at Miami Metro and now works as a private investigator for Jacob Elway. At this point in her life, she feels nothing however hatred for Dexter. Debra drinks heavily takes a number of drugs and sleep with a crook named Andrew Briggs.

After Dexter learns that Briggs is focused on by a hitman, he tries to convince Debra to leave him. However, Dexter then gets into a war with Briggs and ends up killing him in front of her. Dexter tackles a threat when a new serial killer takes Miami as his playground. The killer is soon dubbed The Brain Surgeon because he saws into his victim’s head, cuts off a chunk of the skull, and scoops out a piece of the brain

Release Date30 June 2013
Running time1h
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Dexter Season 8 (2013) Subtitles