High town Season 1 (2020) Tv series -English subtitles download

In Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the US National Oceanic and Fisheries Agency’s agent Jackie Kinney has killed a young female physique on Ness Beach. While she’s battling alcohol or drug addiction, she’s focused on solving a murder case. Along the way, she managed a nearby drug trade, approaching a team of scammers who ordered the murder. Joining her is Jackie’s friend, Xiaojier, an addict drawn to the same union.

Traveling with Detective Leia Brucho Jackie, Jackie is convinced that her adversary, Frankie Cuevas Sr., is the imprisoned drug trafficking organization and leader. But Cuevas and his killer Oshito will stop them. 

Release Date17 May 2020 – Present
Running time56-59 Mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
High town Season-1 (2020) Subtitles