How I Met Your Mother Season 2 (2006) Tv series – English subtitles download

The 2nd season of the show had a lot to do – it used to be the season in which Ted and Robin have been finally a couple and their dynamic had to be explored, the one in which Lily and Marshall had to locate their way returned to each other, and Barney…well, his persona development used to be still a few approaches down the road. Details would possibly be a little hazy due to the fact that the last time you watched it, so come and revisit some of the exceptional moments from How I Met Your Mother’s 2d season. Ted and Robin become a couple after the end of getting together at the cease of Season 1.

Meanwhile, a heartbroken Marshall struggles to move on after his breakup with Lily, who ended their engagement in order to pursue an artwork fellowship in San Francisco. In other events, new statistics about Robin’s past come to light, and Barney engages in a “slap bet”—a wager in which the winner receives to slap the loser in the face as hard as possible—with Marshall.  

Release Date18 September 2006
Running time22 mins
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How I Met Your Mother Season 2 (2006) Subtitles