How I Met Your Mother Season 6 (2010) Tv series – English subtitles download

Ted continues his search for true love in the sitcom’s sixth season. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily try to get pregnant with their first child; and Barne finds his long-lost father. Cobie Smulders additionally stars. The season’s visitor stars include Katy Perry and Jorge Garcia. This season, Barney meets one of Robin’s friends, Nora. He likes her proper away, even though he does not word it when he tries to sweet-talk her pretending to be a romantic.

However, the subsequent day they play laser tag and he begins to like her even extra however is reluctant to admit it. He begins dating her when the team urges him to. Yet, when he really nearly begins to love her, he ends their relationship with the aid of lying about his feelings. Barney then desires to repair the relationship but is too scared to, when he realizes that he does sincerely favor settling down one day in the future. Barney finally meets his dad but is dissatisfied to see that his dad is not what he predicted him to be.

Release Date20 September 2010
Running time22 mins
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How I Met Your Mother Season 6 (2010) Subtitles