Lost Season 3 (2006) Tv series – English subtitles download

Jack is imprisoned in the Hydra station, the place Ben asks him to remove a tumor from his spine. Jack reluctantly removes the tumor but makes use of the surgery to help free Kate and Sawyer. Facilitating their release are Ben’s teen daughter Alex and duplicitous Other Juliet, a fertility physician recruited by using the group’s apparently ageless second-in-command Richard Alpert because pregnant females on the island had been dying. Back at the seaside camp, Desmond, who with Locke survived the Hatch implosion in the Season 2 finale, has visions of the future, consisting of some that situation and frighten Charlie;

Claire contracts a mysterious illness; Mr. Eko runs afoul of the Smoke Monster, and Sawyer and Locke clear up their problems with Locke’s father A woman named Naomi Dorrit (Marsha Thomason) parachutes onto the island and tells the survivors that she has come from an offshore freighter sent by means of British industrialist Charles Widmore the father of Desmond’s long-lost love Penny.

Release date4 October 2006
Running time42 mins
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