Mad Men Season 4 (2010) Tv series – English subtitles download

When Mad Men returns this Sunday after a 17-month hiatus, the whiskey-swilling, secret-keeping Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce crew will meet with an audience salivating for options following the Season Four finale. Mad Men Season 4 used to be the 12 months of change, each for the sequence itself and the characters inside the show. Betty had left Don and married Henry. Sterling Cooper had been sold and modified into a new, an entire lot larger modern agency, with many acquainted faces missing and new ones filling the office.

Peggy and Pete had been warfare to make their mark in this new, smaller company the region easy younger intelligence should’ve been capable to succeed, but each nevertheless had obstacles in their paths. Then there used to be Don, now free to do as he thrilled post-divorce. While the prior seasons would perchance have given the effect that Don would be happy to not have to come home to a spouse and children every night, that was once no longer the case.

Release Date25 July 2010 
Running time48 mins
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Mad men Season 4 (2010) Subtitles