Prison Break: Season 4 (2008) Tv series – English subtitles download

Michael and Lincoln are recruited with the aid of way of Homeland safety agent Don Self to get better a device named Sylla, which they consider incorporates records on The Company and ought to expose the conspiracy. Sara is positioned alive and well, however, Bellick dies when he sacrifices himself to assist the team. The brothers locate out that Syclla is now not The Company’s handle book, but as a choice includes plans for a superior renewable electricity cell.

Self is posted to be a double agent who plans to promote Sylla to the pleasant bidder, and every different Company agent named Christine is printed to be Michael’s mom – until now thought to be dead. Christine displays that Lincoln was once as soon as adopted, explaining the difference between their IQs. She tries to shoot Michael but is killed by way of Sara. The closing scene takes place 4 years after Christine’s death, which introduced the end of The Company.

Release Date1 September 2008
Running time42–44 mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Prison Break: Season 4 (2008) Subtitles