Shadow and bone (2021) Tv series-English subtitles download

The “Shadow and Bone” trilogy follows Alina Sarkoff as she grapples with her unexpected transition from an orphaned nobody into the mythic savior of Ravka. The story knowingly literalizes the common battle of good and evil with the aid of giving Alina the energy to manage light in order to eradicate perpetual darkness. There are kings and queens, grand palaces, magical creatures, the superpowered Grisha who can manipulate a range of natural elements, and, in the Darkling (a.k.a. General Kerrigan on the show), a romantic hobby for Alina who turns into her biggest enemy.  

Release DateApril 23, 2021- Present
Running time45-58mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Shadow and bone (2020) Subtitles