Shameless Season 1 (2011) Tv series – English subtitles download

Season 1 of Shameless depicts the dysfunctional family. Frank Gallagher, a single, alcoholic, and trashy father of six immature mortal beings in Chicago, Illinois. With Frank’s bipolar woman Monica, the ménage has run with the aid of Frank’s eldest son Fiona, who raises her five extraordinary siblings. The strong-hearted Ian, the mature and predicated Debbie, the troublemaking and unruly child Carl, and Liam, who’s mysteriously black. Frequently upset in Gallagher’s lives are their neighbors, Kevin and Veronica, who pretend a marriage mid-season to collect a tremendous dowry.

Release Date9 January 2011
Running time46mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Shameless Season 1 (2011) Subtitles