Sons of Anarchy Season 2 (2009) Tv series – English subtitles download

This season starts with the complete gang taking goal practice the use of semi-automatic weapons whilst others in Charming, California go about their family duties. In essence, Sons of Anarchy is about household and loyalty. In Charming, the Sons of Anarchy get opposition by means of the racist “League of American Nationals”, a team of Neonazis committed to pressuring the Sons out in order to dominate the town and the enterprise themselves. Their leader, a man named Zobelle (Adam Arkin), is outsmarting the Sons at each and every turn, using his facade as a respectable businessman to pressure the Sons into an open struggle with law enforcement.

In the case of a public attack, even corrupt Wayne Unser couldn’t store them. To beef up Son’s attack, his right-hand-man Weston (Henry Rollins) rape Gemma, hoping to trap the club into an ill-thought retaliation attempt. However, Gemma knows the intent and continues the assault on herself. 

Release Date8 September 2009
Running time39–81 mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Sons of Anarchy Season 2 (2009) Subtitles