The 100 Season 2 (2014) English subtitles download

Season two begins with the Ark having despatched the leisure of its inhabitants again to the robust ground, which is now teeming with disparate groups of survivors, most right away recognizable to each physique who has eaten up greater than a dollop of science fiction. They differ from scarred, primitive brutes nicknamed “Grounders” who occupy the Eden-like settled to an interestingly idyllic haven of state-of-the-art survivors below the surface, led with the useful resource of a president who offers off a creepy vibe no remember his reassuring words.

Clarke’s authority-flouting scientist mom and the Chancellor hold butting heads over what’s brilliant for the group, and especially how to approach the former convicts now that they’re reunited in an ongoing conflict for survival.

Release Date22 October 2014
Running time39–42 mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
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