The 100 Season 3 (2016) Tv subtitles download

Season three commenced with Lexa as the Commander. She was once then by chance killed via her very very own priest Titus, who used to be as soon as generally The Worst. After her death, the Ice Nation’s Ontario seized control, but the Season three finale left her Genius dead. That leaves the Ice Nation’s previously exiled King Roan as the predominant powerhouse in Polis. At the cease of the season three finale, Clarke reaches A.L.I.E.’s kill exchange at the coronary coronary heart of the City of Light and shuts her down. By this point, A.L.I.E. had satisfied (and often blackmailed) many Grounders and Arkadians alike to swallow a “chip” that would let them into a digital reality the area there is no suffering or fear — or unbiased thought.

Release Date21 January 2016
Running time39–42 mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
The 100 Season 3 (2016) Subtitles