The Big Bang Theory Season 2 (2008) Tv series – English subtitles download

Sheldon states that Leonard’s girlfriend has formally moved according to their roommate bylaws. Leonard denies it, then once more, when Penny comes over, she suggests to Leonard that Stephanie has already moved her stuff. After some itchy pants and realizing that he is residing with Stephanie, he thinks the relationship is transferring too rapidly and talks to Penny about it. She tells him to talk to Stephanie, and he does. When Leonard tries to inform Stephanie of his feelings, she seduces him instead. Penny sends him to lower back in.

The 2nd season focuses on the relationships between the indispensable characters, unique with the addition of Penny, and how they supply up ever greater intertwined in each others’ lives. Though Leonard is attracted to Penny, he begins to date extremely good girls while Penny does the same. We additionally see Raj and Howard reap some success in their lives, Raj with his occupation and Howard with an informal relationship.

Release Date22 September 2008
Running time22mins
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