The Big Bang Theory Season 8 (2014) Tv series – English subtitles download

After years of struggling with her appearance, Penny receives a job as a profits rep at Bernadette’s pharmaceutical company. Penny turns out to be less reliant on Leonard financially, which at first motives friction between them. But finally, She gets smoothed over after seeing how dysfunctional Howard and Bernadette’s marriage is. At first, Amy and Sheldon’s argument didn’t seem unique important, as an awful lot of the a-plot was once committed to Penny and Leonard—finally—planning their wedding.

They had a few surprising and stunning moments, too, in this near tearjerker of an episode. But extra on that later. Unfortunately, as Sheldon moved ahead all through the episode, he didn’t show up to recognize how disturbing his moves were for his former gal buddy and now-girlfriend Amy. At the provide up of the episode, she video chats with him, telling Sheldon she needs some time.

Release Date22 September 2014
Running time22mins
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