The Chestnut Man Season 1 (2021) Tv series – English subtitles download

Season 1 of The Chestnut Man follows a structure of cat-and-mouse endeavor between a killer and the detectives to clear up the case. It begins with the discovery of a family brutally murdered on their farm in 1987. An officer finds a room full of little collectible figurines made of suits and chestnuts. Then, we flash ahead to the current day and a lady’s physique positioned on a playground. Her hand is missing and above her hangs a small figure made of matches and chestnuts like those positioned in the farm greater than 30 years previously. Authorities are on the hunt for the Chestnut Man, a serial killer whose reasons are at first unclear. Detectives Mark Hess and Naia Thulin seem to be into the case and determine who the elusive Chestnut Man is.

Release Date29 September 2021
Running time50mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
The Chestnut Man Season 1 (2021) Subtitles