The Five Juanas Season 1 (2021) Tv series – English subtitles download

The Five Juanas imagines a crew of girls who give up at an inn in Cancun, all for numerous reasons, ranging from crime to existential crises. Each woman has a special birthmark on their butt (which feels like any excuse to have plenty of pix from behind), indicating that they are all associated and from an equal family. By pure, dramatic, and comical coincidence, the five females all find out they have identical birthmarks and names after a brief earthquake. It’s a tough storyline to think about. on the other hand, compelling adequate to preserve you grounded. The Five Juanas relies on a sensational opening, bringing sex, crime, and pills to add grit to the story. The five primary women all have their distinct personalities, allowing a mismatch of sisterhood and doubt.

Release Date6 October 2021
Running time
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The Five Juanas Season 1 (2021) Subtitles