The Good Place Season 1 (2016) Tv series – English subtitles download

After wrongfully being assigned to what is assumed to be some model of heaven, Eleanor is attempting her great to disguise the truth she doesn’t belong. Then, as time goes on, she asks her would-be soul mate Chidi to strive to educate her on how to emerge as the type of man or woman who would belong in A Good Place. Problem is, Eleanor is a hard person to teach. However, she wasn’t the only one Michael let slip in. Jianyu, actual title Jason, is every other one who in spite of seemingly not qualifying for a Good Place, he got in.

Leading to the clock ticking down as a number of incidents show up and the Good Place appears to be falling aside due to these two mistakes made. Thus driving Michael nuts and anybody alongside him. That is till it is judgment day for anyone it becomes time to determine the destiny of now not just Eleanor and Jason, but additionally Chidi and Tahani. Someone who starts off like being nails on a chalkboard annoying, but grows on you.  

Release Date19 September 2016
Running time22mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
The Good Place Season 1 (2016) Subtitles