The Mentalist Season 6 (2013) Tv series – English subtitles download

During the sixth season of this crime drama, Jane (Simon Baker) keeps narrowing down his listing of Red John suspects, and at one point he even manages to collect all of the suspects together. An explosion disrupts things, however, after 10 years of relentlessly pursuing this very personal case, Jane eventually uncovers his wife and daughter’s killer. The show then does a two-year leap in time and finds Jane living a serene lifestyle on an island, however, he is, in the end, pulled again into the usage of his competencies to assist solve crimes. However, he’s now supporting the FBI instead of the CBI, and he’s reporting to Special Agent Dennis Abbott (Rockmond Dunbar). He additionally works intently with Special Agent Kim Fischer (Emily Swallow), however, he refuses to cooperate till they recruit Lisbon (Robin Tunney) to be part of their group as well.  

Release Date29 September 2013
Running time43mins
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The Mentalist Season 6 (2013) Subtitles