Vampire Diaries Season-4 (2012) Tv series- English subtitles download

More ghosts appeared, inclusive of Connor, Alexander, and Vaughn. The spirits determined to divide and conquer, with Connor contacting Elena, Alexander preserving wife and Matt prisoner, and Vaughn taking footage of a friend with a picket bullet laced with lycanthrope venom. Their unified purpose was once to urge their fingers on Silas and also the cure. However, as a substitute for turning it over, a friend gave it to Elena, UN agency refused to require it at the value of alternative individuals dying. Once she accomplishes that, the friend might want to die from the venom.

She and Jeremy planned that he take the treatment once you consider that Klaus was too far away to heal him. Instead, friend diode Vaughn on a stall wild goose chase for Silas’s body.

Release Date11 October 2012
Running time43mins
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Vampire Diaries Season-4 (2012) Subtitles