PENTHOUSE(2020)-Tv series English subtitles download

Penthouse is a fast-paced, sensational drama stuffed with evil characters. The story takes location in the Hera Palace, a luxurious condo the place the rich elite live. It tells the existence of limitless prosperous families. The affluent teens of the Hera Palace are all smug and arrogant. In addition, they think of themselves to be eccentric and are dominant. Their splendid lives are tarnished after a murder. This crime consists of integral residents and will expose hidden secrets. Further, it is serious about self-discovery. In conclusion, it has a grasp classification in throat-squeezing, nail-biting, and stomach-knotting suspense.

Release Date26 October 2020
Running time1h 37min
File typeSRT(zip file)
Penthouse(2020) Subtitles