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Follow Georgina is recently hitched to tycoon Constantine Clios when he is murdered in a yacht blast. She is stunned to find the fortune that kept up his perfect, classy way of life is corrupted with untruthfulness, cheating, wrongdoing, and at last homicide. Aided by Constantine’s first spouse, Georgina will go through instruction in lying, misleading, by and large robbery, and stunning guiltiness. She needs to catch on quickly to keep up the Clios manor and save the family from its foes and from itself. Concealing her bloodstained fingers inside Chanel gloves, she before long uncovers herself to be An or more understudy in the merciless specialty of endurance.

Release Date15 June 2017 
Running time41-50minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Riviera S01 (2017) Subtitles