Just Short of Perfect (2021) English subtitles download

A separated counsel falls for an attractive cardiologist. But when their distinction in size leads to family disunion. A famed cardiologist Leon falls for counsel Ivana. They go on a trip together and have an excellent time in their lives. Ivana feels super when she’s with Leon but is embarrassed to inform her parents. Ivanka’s husband, Danielle plans to enter her actuality as he goes void and provokes Leon in opposition to Ivana. Ivana’s melodramatic mama also tries to push Ivana in the direction of Danielle. But the absence makes the heart grow fonder and Ivana confesses her love for Leon. Just Short of Perfect is a lovely love story free of tacky and cliché drama. It’s a pure and simple romantic story that touches the heart. The movie has further than many motifs bedded along with the parts of love.

Release Date4 November 2021
Running time1h 34mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Just Short of Perfect (2021) Subtitles