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Mohan Rao, the lead actor gets into a battle with Chinna Shavukar based on political views as the low caste fights the high class in power.

The movie has been set in Palasa, a tiny part of Andhra Pradesh. The movie explores caste oppression and disputes between landlords and opponents. Mohan Rao starts out on a journey to oppose these unjust practices through the path of violence and thus is created this movie with scenes that are worth watching.


The filmmakers have outstanded themselves by striking a perfect balance between perception and intensity. Karuna Kumar has driven the story- based on real incidents in a wonderful manner by also presenting it in a way that the audience would like.

Palasa stands out of the crowd because of an amazingly written script. and the sensible yet catchy dialogues. The movie has finely drawn details when it comes to describing caste oppression. The bottomline remains that the film is just as full of entertainment as of honesty. However, it won’t be wrong to say that it would have been even better if the second half would not have been so slow.

Directed ByKaruna Kumar
Running Time2hr 24min
Released Date06 Mar 2020
File TypeSRT(Zip File)
Palasa 1978 (2020) Subtitles