The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006) – English Subtitles Download

The Japanese animated science fiction romantic film is directed by Mamoru Hosoda and is based on Yasataka Tsutsui’s novel by the same name. The movie features the voices of Riisa Naka, Emily Hirst, Takuya Ishida, Andrew Francis, Alex Zahara, Kristie Marsden, Mitsuki Tanimura, Saffron Henderson, and Natalie Walters. 

Seventeen year old Makoto discovers that she owns the power of ‘time leap’ where she can travel through time. The power first helps her escape a fatal accident and then she starts using the power to make small changes in her life like getting perfect grades, avoiding cooking mishaps, and even reliving karaoke sessions, but when she realises the profoundness of her powers she uses them for a bigger and greater purpose.

Release date15 July 2006
Running time98 minutes
File typeSRT (Zip file)
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Subtitles Download