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While shopping for groceries, Ali is asked to fix his sister’s broken shoes. They are taken by a garbage truck, and a guilt-ridden Ali offers to share his shoes with her. As a result, Zohra ends up wearing his shoes to morning school and then racing back to put them on for afternoon school. He also offers her a pen that he got from his teacher for coming first in his class to appease her. The family is struggling to make ends meet after the birth of their third child. Their dad, who is behind on his rent, works in the garden and wants Ali to learn how to do it. With the economy worsening, it’ll just be a matter of time until Ali’s shoes are worn out, raising the question of what the kids would wear to school then.

Release DateFebruary 1997 (Fajr Film Festival)
Running time89minutess
File typeSRT (zip file)
Children Of Heaven (1997) Subtitles