Long Weekend (2021) English Subtitles Download

Heartfelt movies that include time travel components frequently put the time trickeries upfront. In Long Weekend, notwithstanding, the time travel component is regularly a simple reference in the more extensive story. For certain crowds, this may be a point against the film. Notwithstanding, for those more inspired by character work than the plot, Long Weekend is fine. The time travel is clarified barely enough so no one gets confounded, yet less to back the plot off or permit watchers to punch holes. All things considered, with its walk-and-talk vibe, Long Weekend acquires more from Before Sunrise than now is the ideal time-twisting archetypes and does a very great job at it. The discourse is sharp and clever when it should be, and surprisingly the most daintily composed characters feel somewhat human.

Release DateMarch 12, 2021
Running time87minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Long Weekend (2021) Subtitles