Prison Break: Season 2 (2006) Tv series – English subtitles download

The story choices up hours after the escape the fox river eight-cut up to forestall seize from FBI special agent Alex Mahone and to search for coopers hidden 5 million Michael and Lincoln are reunited with Sara who survived her suicide strive on the other hand has grown to be to alcohol and capsules after being fired. it is published that mahone is working for the company the mysterious business company that framed lincoln as is the new us president caroline Reynolds Sara lets in herself to be arrested to make sure the brother’s safety.

Alternatively, she and lincoln are later pardoned Michael t-bag and mahone are no longer so fortunate and are arrested in Panama. Alongside Billick, a fox river reformatory defend who has been chasing the escapees to win a reward. They are despatched to some reformatory a volatile vicinity run by using inmates and guarded completely from the outdoor following a massive riot  

Release Date21 August 2006
Running time42–44 mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Prison Break: Season 2 (2006) Subtitles