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A Professor claims to have located a way to speak with the deceased. Ryan Moore (England) is a Science Professor who has constructed a gadget that can operate like a speaker and allow people who have passed away to communicate via it. Part of the system resembles a large circle, which glows like a halo when the device is operating. They reply to questions that are typed into the device’s system and for the proper ‘spirit’ to interact, a relative’s DNA is required. Ryan demonstrates his discovery to audiences and amazes and shocks those around him and influences the unstable relationship he has with his spouse Emily (Ritchie).

Ryan and Emily’s daughter Samantha (Wood) went missing a while ago and Ryan decides to utilize his invention in the hope of discovering out what took place for her. This science-fiction thriller offers the afterlife and explores issues of loss, grief, and love. The narrative focuses on the relationship between Ryan and Emily and on Ryan’s obsession with discovering his daughter’s fate

Release Date19 November 2021
Running time1h 35mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Repeat (2021) Subtitles