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Dave, a dedicated attorney seeking to earn partner, married with children, and Mitch, a slacker enjoying life, have been friends since third school. They make a wish for each other’s lives in front of a statue in an Atlanta park after an evening of drinking; the next morning, they awake in the other’s body. The statue has been taken to who knows where, so they must carry on for each other until they can find it and re-exchange bodies: it’s a vital week professionally for Dave, and Mitch has plans including sex. Mitch is given the opportunity to take on more responsibilities, and Dave is given the opportunity to rest, and they both learn new things about themselves. In addition, Mitch’s father is remarrying, and Dave is living out his attraction to a coworker.

Release DateAugust 5, 2011
Running time112minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
The Change-Up (2011) Subtitles