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A London neurosurgeon decided to attend an operation that crosses paths with an American bridegroom determined to get to her wedding. Winslet is Alex Martin, a photojournalist attempting to get to New York from Salt Lake City for her marriage form from the posterior day. When an incoming storm grounds all breakouts out of the field, she recruits analogously stranded passenger Ben Bass (Elba), who she overhears telling the airline platoon of workers. He urgently wants to get dropped returned to operate a surgery, to employ a particular small airplane to take them home. But the airplane crashes, the airman dies, and the two stand on a snowy mountain in Utah’s High Nature. It follows a story of survival and, ultimately — between the two mortal survivors, at least — love.

Release Date6 October 2017
Running time1h 51mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
The Mountain Between Us (2017) Subtitles