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When Bella Brown, a reclusive younger woman, is threatened with eviction, except she gives her garden a makeover, she sets to work, watching her scornful and curmudgeonly next-door neighbor, Alfie. This Beautiful Fantastic” began existence as a foundling, left in a field by way of a river as a baby, hovered over through shielding ducks. Raised employing nuns, Bella grows up to be a librarian who harbors the goals of writing a kid’s book. Alfie’s cook, a charming Irishman named Vernon (Andrew Scott), jumps ship from the suggested historical man to prepare Bella’s dinner, even though she has no cash to pay him.

Release Date10 March 2017
Running time1h 32mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
This Beautiful Fantastic (2017) Subtitles