Hello, Me! (2021) English Subtitles Download

Hopeless and fruitless, Ban Ha Ni, a solitary 37-year-elderly person who is for the most part subservient and meek, believes she’s lost all her sparkle. Standing firm on just an impermanent foothold at her work, she’s unfortunate of being given up at any second, and thinking of her as the current absence of safety, she additionally doesn’t have any desire to stay single. She carries on with her life like that going about it step by step, until one day, her fiery more youthful self shows up before her requesting change. Her 17-year-old form of herself goes from the past to meet her present self, and the 17-year-old Ha Ni is nothing similar to the current 37-year-old Ha Ni. Splendid and idealistic, she’s the direct inverse of what Ha Ni resembles today.

Release DateFebruary 17, 2021
Running time70minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Hello, Me! (2021) Subtitles