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At the memorial service for Hwa-Ja’s spouse, participant Mayor Choo and his party start to regurgitate and break down in the wake of drinking makgeolli. City hall leader Choo endures, yet some in his party kick the bucket. The proof appears to show Hwa-Ja as the guilty party who harmed the beverage, however, Hwa-Ja has Alzheimer’s infection. In the meantime, Hwa-Ja’s little girl Jung-In fills in as a legal advisor at a major law office in Seoul. Before, she experienced actual brutality from her dad and left her old neighborhood. She is now a fruitful legal counselor. Jung-In then sees her mom Hwa-Ja on the TV news. She gets back to her old neighborhood. At the point when she arrives, her mom Hwa-Ja doesn’t perceive her or her more youthful mentally unbalanced sibling Jung-Soo. Jung-In takes up her mom’s case. She detects the fact of the matter is covered in her mom’s case and she is certain her mom is blameless.

Release DateJune 10, 2020
Running time111minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Innocence (2020) Subtitles