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The paramedic is Angel (Mario Casas), an EMT worker who arrives to support the wounded or ill in collisions and other emergencies. It was quickly discovered that when he has been pocketing personal belongings from injured accident victims as well as the jewelry of a woman pronounced dead in her apartment. He smokes marijuana while on duty and orders drugs from a coworker at the hospital. He thinks Vane (Deborah Francois), his girlfriend, is cheating on him with a classmate.On Vane’s computer, he sets up surveillance and follows her movements. She leaves suddenly when she finds out and gets involved with a former colleague of Angel’s. Angel manages to abduct and sedate the now pregnant Vane and hold her hostage by using his access to drugs and his abilities as a paramedic. To complete his vengeance, he plots to get rid of the father of the kid.

Release DateSeptember 16, 2020
Distributed byNetflix
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The Paramedic (2020) Subtitles