Unorthodox S01E02 (2020) English Subtitles Download

In the conservatory, Esty is found sleeping overnight. In other daunting conditions, she is encouraged to apply for a hardship scholarship offered to talented refugees and musicians. As she plays the piano, Esty decides to go ahead. When she is invited to dinner by her conservatory colleagues, they ask her to perform a piece. Esty is heartbroken when one of them, Yael, informs her that her playing is merely satisfactory though she is musical, and not nearly good enough for the conservatory.
For the first time, she calls home, but when her grandmother hangs up on her without speaking, she is more upset.

Yanky and Moishe, his nephew, travel to Berlin to try to get Esty back, and Yanky is shocked by the worldly ways of Moishe.

Release DateMarch 26, 2020
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Unorthodox S01E02 (2020) Subtitles