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Brazil, 1960s, God’s Capital. Motels and gas trucks are being robbed by the Tender Trio. Younger children are watching and learning well—too well. 1970s: Li’l Zé thrived very well and owns the town. As he wipes out rival gangs without mercy, he causes abuse and terror. Bené, his best friend, is the only one who keeps him on the positive side of recovery. For years, Rocket has watched these two gain control, and he doesn’t want any portion of it. In the chaos, he keeps being swept up. Taking images is what he wants to do. 1980s: Things between the last two remaining gangs are out of reach… will it ever end? Welcome to God’s Capital.

Release Date30 August 2002 (Brazil)
Running time130minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
City Of God (2002) Subtitles