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Galactic conflicts have obliterated the Moon and changed the environment on Earth. Presently tropical timberlands are covering Moscow, while New York is frosted everywhere. An enormous outsider boat overshadows Moscow – it is the arena where terrific intergalactic Cosmoball rivalries happen. The game consolidates both game and combatant battles. At the point when the game is on, the entire world halts abruptly to watch it. The players are called Athletes, just they are permitted to challenge due to their forces and capacity to control them. Everybody loves Cosmoball with the exception of Anton – a normal person who needs to get a new line of work to help his family. Yet, when he uncovers his forces and gets to the universe Cosmoball group. Presently he’s one of the Athletes. Anton has no clue about what uncommon job is bound for him, and that the last game will turn into the fight for the Earth.

Release DateMar 23, 2021
Running time118minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Cosmoball (2021) Subtitles