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German Capt.-Lt. in October 1941 War correspondent Lt. Werner is received by Henrich Lehmann-Willenbrock of the U-96 U-Boat to cover submarine work during their mission in the Atlantic Ocean. They sail out of the La Rochelle shipyard and Werner learns about the lives, loves, fears, and actions of the young sailors, the seasoned captain, and his officers over the next few weeks.In order to escape from the destroyers, the professional captain hunts British vessels to sink and dives to depths below the boat’s limit. They prepare to return to La Rochelle near Christmas; but out of the blue, the Captain receives an order to cross the Gibraltar Strait for Italy. But the captain knows how the area is secured and is preparing a way to draw the British Navy. Will the be successful crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar?

Release Date17 September 1981
Running Time149minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Das boot (1981) Subtitles