Paradox Lost (2021) English subtitles download

Paradox Lost is an unforeseen gem; it’s funny, sweet, and a fun combination of sci-fi, comedy, and drama. It cleverly underplays the sci-fi stance just satisfactory to hold it rested besides dropping the anxiety or quiescence that it provides, while together taking part in out an unfeigned blossoming friendship. Fearing he will nowise be a success, Barnaby Bates, a plodding LA comedy scribe, pulls out from a flowering romantic relationship with Rose, a sympathetic youngish shutterbug, to focal point on his career. Personalty gets complex when he’s visited with the aid of a mysterious outsider from the future who warns that the world, as Barnaby knows it’ll soon be coming to an end.

Release Date5 October 2021
Running time1h 33mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Paradox Lost (2021) Subtitles