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A 2012 superhero film and the sixth movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This film is based totally on the superhero team the Avengers created by way of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. In response, Fury reactivates the Avengers Initiative. Agent Natasha Romanoff recruits Dr. Bruce Banner in India while Agent Phil Coulson visits Tony Stark and requests that he opinions Selvig’s research. Fury himself approaches Steve Rogers with an assignment to retrieve the Tesseract from Loki; Rogers is acquainted with the Tesseract as it performed an integral role in his World War II exploits.

Earth is underneath hazard through the smirking Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Thor’s adopted brother, who controls the Tesseract, a pulsing dice of energy that opens a gateway to the universe; through it, he plans to assault Earth with his fleet of reptile-looking monster-machines. One of the weapons Marvel used in its climb to comic-book dominance used to be a willingness to invent new characters at a dizzying tempo.

Release Date27 April 2012
Running time2h 23mins
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The Avengers (2012) Subtitles