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Only two days before his marriage with Tracy Garner, Doug Billings, in the organization of two companions: Phil Wenneck and Stu Price; and Tracy’s flighty sibling, Alan, head out to party in Vegas. Driving his dad’s Mercedez, they lease an expensive manor at Caesar’s and head for the housetop to make some great memories. Three of them later wake up with a headache, unfit to remember what precisely occurred. They found that they have a child in the storeroom; a developed tiger in the restroom; Stu has a missing tooth and a prostitute for a lady of the hour, and Doug is missing. Silly disarray results as the triplet head out to remember their means just as an attempt to find Doug and bring him home in one piece before the wedding.

Release DateJune 5, 2009 (United States)
Running time100minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
The Hangover (2009) Subtitles