Up in the Air (2009) English Subtitles Download

Ryan Bingham zooms around the nation terminating individuals. He’s acceptable at his specific employment and is continually noticeable all around flying starting with one city then onto the next. He’s additionally an aggregator of preferred customer credits and has an objective: he needs to get to ten million miles. Routine got affected by the appearance of Natalie Keener, who thinks the movement is superfluous and the firings should be possible through videoconferencing. Ryan’s manager adores the thought, however needs Ryan to take Natalie out and about with him to show her how he does it. It ends up being a day to day existence exercise for Natalie after one of her directing meetings turns out badly. Ryan additionally discovers that a portion of the decisions he’s made have not generally been the right ones.

Release DateDecember 4, 2009 (United States)
Running time109minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Up in the Air (2009) Subtitles