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The 15-year-old dutiful and responsible girl, Verónica, still reeling from the death of her father and slaving her mother away for long hours at a small local bar, has to become the surrogate mother of her twin sisters, Lucía and Irene, and her little brother, Antoñito. Achingly searching for his paternal presence, during a remarkable 1991 solar eclipse, Verónica would induce two of her Catholic school friends to perform an ill-considered Ouija board seance in high hopes of touching their beloved deceased. What began as a futile attempt to connect with the unknown, however, will soon end in a frenzied plunge into the mysterious supernatural world, where demonic possessors itch from the other side to cross over. Something bad can, little by little, begin to affect everyone around Veronica. But, how could her father be this entity?

Release date25 August 2017
Running time105minutes
File typeSRT (zip file )
Veronica (2017) Subtitles