White Night 2009 English Subtitles Download

It is a 2009 South Korean mystery thriller film Directed by Park Shin-woo and Written by Park Shin-woo and Park Yeon-Seon. Its star cast is Han Suk-kyu, Son Ye-jin, Go Soo, and Cheol-woo Han.

A moneylender has been murdered in a distant town. Police suspect, he was murdered by an acquaintance, as even the most experienced investigator in the case could not detect any signs of resistance. Three men come under the scanner, but they all have the full potential, and the investigation stalls.

A year later, one of them is found dead and the original murder case becomes even more mysterious. Almost fifteen years have passed and the Chief Inspector, now approaching retirement, considers only one case that he could not solve in an otherwise successful career. Haunted by the sense of responsibility and guilt that plagued him with the murder case unsolved, he decides to re-investigate.

Her relentless search brings attention to a long-forgotten case and uncovers a hidden relationship between the victim’s son and a neighborhood woman’s daughter. As their love grows, so do more crimes. As their sin grows, the Inspector’s chase draws closer to them.

Release Date19 November 2009
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time2h 15m
White Night 2009 English Subtitles Download