Money heist {La Casa De Papel} (Season-3) – English subtitles download

The third game was on the crew who tried to rescue Anibal Cortez, a Tokyo-based boyfriend known as Rio after the crew of a Panama ship caught him. Naturally, the gang encountered several obstacles before facing another bank robbery in Spain. The conspiracy to save Rio ends after an imminent hostage exchange with a Spanish bank, and Tokyo eventually reclaims her boyfriend. Sadly, Tokyo’s relationship with Rio collapsed after she tricked Denver and him, heightening tensions in the robbers themselves. The two eventually parted, but the dynamic bank robbery continued to present a series of problems.

A hostage negotiator at an outside bank in Nairobi was brutally beaten by a sniper who lured her to the window. Raquel found an evacuation in a rural house she found. However, the family living in this house realized that she had broken the law and quickly handed her over to the authorities. Police requested Raquel to hand over the professorship, but she refused and she shot. However, the series of ominous messages before the police passed the audio commentary ended. “This is the card Serra used to destroy us,” he said. “The war has begun like this.” 

Release Date19 July 2019
Running time41-59 mins
File typeSRT(Zip file)
Money heist(season-3)(2019) Subtitles