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Stargirl is about Leo, a clumsy boy who performs in the military band of the school’s terrible football team. He has a crew of friends, but most of them sense lonely due to the fact he lost his father. The boy is attracted through a mysterious and eccentric pupil named Stargirl. He spends time trying to analyze more about her. Soon, Stargirl defeated the complete high faculty and became the lucky attraction of this gifted soccer team. The fighting arises, and Leo discovers the obstacles of how uncommon he is willing to become. This movie conveys a tremendous message, namely individuality, loyalty, loyalty, friendship, and integrity. The story is primarily based on an acquainted template: inactive protagonist, late father, popularity issues, and regional competition is imminent.

Release Date13 March 2020
Running time1h 47 min
File typeSRT (zip file)
Star girl(2020) Subtitles