Supernatural Season 5 (2009) Tv series – English subtitles download

Sam and Dean have mysteriously whisked away to security as Lucifer escapes his cage. Then, Zachariah and a couple of friends arrive to tell Dean that he has to be the one to battle Lucifer. Dean tells Zachariah where he can stick it and sends him packing with an angel-banishing sigil drawn in his very own blood.

Dean asks Sam if he’s been feeling any of the historical demon blood cravings – which he claims are definitely long past after the encounter at the convent. Sam tries to discuss with Dean what happened. However, he refuses and insists that they simply center of attention on hunting down Lucifer.

Release Date10 September 2009
Running time38-45mins
File typeSRT (zip file)
Supernatural Season 5 (2009) Subtitles